Learn to Draw & Write Professional Comics!

Most Recent Session

Summer 2011 Mon. and Wed., June 6 - July 20

  • 6:30 pm-10:00 pm
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • Class CDIL2X6, Tower 621
  • 621 Huntington Avenue
  • Boston MA 02115
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Current Session

Fall 2012 Mondays, October 22-December 17

Course Description

Art of the Comic Book is a college-level studio workshop for making comics with traditional ink-on-paper media. Exercises are based on real-world assignments. Fundamental comic book media techniques include storytelling, character design, working with scripts, hand lettering, inking with brushes and dip pens, figure drawing, sketchbook practice and group critiques. Technical elements include ruling pens and perspective drawing. Study the comic book industry's current production methods, business environment and history. Learn more...

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Art of the Comic Book | David Marshall, Instructor

School's Out!

How do former students really feel about the program? Hang out with the Art of the Comic Book All-Stars for their testimonials, PDF examples of student work and links to their current portfolios!

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Learn to draw & write professional comic books

Consider this syllabus your roadmap for the course; it presents our objectives and outcomes, grading criteria, required materials, weekly objectives, assignments and deadlines. Please read carefully and feel free to ask questions.

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sample of student work

Bottle of Red india ink on 2-ply bristol paper. On a cold December night in 1945, our young couple dines at Louis Italian-American Restaurant on the same night Michael Corleone murders a rival gangster and corrupt policeman. Learn more »

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